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Does the college have any parking garages for daily, monthly or long term storage?

Yes, the college has two parking garages.  The Lasdon House Garage is accessible from East 70th Street and the Weill Greenberg Center Garage is accessible from York Avenue.

What are the rates for the two college’s Parking Garages?

All rates are posted inside the entrances of both parking garages.

Where can I park my bike?

There are various bicycle racks located around campus on the sidewalks in front of most college buildings.  Additionally there are bicycle racks available on the west side of the BRB/Lasdon House terrace.  These can be accessed through the iron gate just west of the Lasdon House entrance on East 70th street.  Please refrain from using sign posts, planters, etc. as a place to lock your bicycle.  Secured bicycle parking is also available within the Lasdon House Parking Garage and the Weill Greenberg Center Parking Garage.  Bicycle Parking rates do apply when using the garages.  These rates are posted just inside each garage entrance.

How can I request a monthly commuter or long term parking spot?

For information on obatining a monthly commuter or long term parking spot within one of the college's two parking garages please contact George Brendel by phone at 212-746-1089 or email at

Can Engineering and Maintenance remotely monitor laboratory equipment?

E&M can utilize the Building Management System to remotely monitor some types of freezers, refrigerators, etc.  There is a small annual charge for this service.  If interested please look at the ‘Equipment Alarm Monitoring Agreement’ under the ‘Forms and Resources’ tab and contact E&M for more information.

Is Engineering & Maintenance responsible for maintaining our laboratory freezers, refrigerators, etc.?

No, this equipment is considered laboratory equipment and belongs to the laboratory or research department.  You should contact E&M if experiencing a problem with the laboratory equipment so that we can make sure the base building electrical power system, air conditioning system, etc. is working correctly.

Will WCM Engineering and Maintenance provide services at an off-site location?

Yes, we can and we currently do provide services at many off-site college locations.  If you feel E&M can help you in your off-site location please contact Michael Murphy.  We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your options and various levels/options of service in more detail.

How can I submit a Work Request to WCMC Engineering and Maintenance?

If you have an emergency that requires immediate attention please pick up the phone and call our dispatcher line at 212-746-2288.  This dispatch phone line is available 24 hours each day 365 days per year.  If your request is not an emergency or 'need to now' you can still call our dispatcher or click on the ‘Submit a Work Request’ tab in the middle of the E&M Home Page.

Who can I contact regarding and energy conservation idea I have?

Please contact Michael Murphy or Paul O’Sullivan of E&M with questions or recommendations you may have regarding energy conservation here at the college.  Thanks.

Is the college part of the PlaNYC Carbon Challenge?

Yes, the college has committed to being a part of PlaNYC NYC Carbon Challenge.  As a result, we are committed to lowering our campus carbon footprint 30% by the year 2017.